About Us

The Quaterion team has the background and experience to provide a wide range of consulting services including project management,Point of Sale System business consulting, functional assistance and consulting, implementation support, training, and application and interface customization.  While our core expertise is with JDA┬« retail systems products, we have partnerships that extend our services to other software and technical platforms.

The byproduct of our experience is knowing where our customers have gaps in their systems.  Quaterion Solutions is working to fill those gaps with unique solutions that are robust enough to support the largest of clients, yet flexible enough to handle the varied requirements.  Our goal is to provide a solution that can be scaled, where the core platform can be augmented with other modules to further the return on the initial investment.

Quaterion is a viable, cost saving alternative to vendor maintenance and support services.  With the cost savings our customers achieve, they can either keep those savings, or use them to fund pointed solutions specific to their business.  Thus, providing a strong example of maximizing the return in your retail systems investment. 

We can help your business thrive by giving you more ways to succeed, now and in the future.

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